Chance the Rapper Name-Drops RE/MAX in a Song

Chance the Rapper Name-Drops RE/MAX in a Song | Realtor Magazine

Did RE/MAX just get credit in a rap song? A track on Chance the Rapper’s newly released album gives props to RE/MAX, a real estate firm where his mother-in-law works.

In the song “Zanies and Fools,” Chance raps about how he eventually met his wife at a RE/MAX event. He starts the song rapping about a divorced woman raising her daughters who “called up the RE/MAX and opened her own site.” The woman—who would eventually become his mother-in-law—throws a party for employees and friends, where Chance meets his future wife.

The mother-in-law Chance raps about is Janice Corley, who owns RE/MAX Premier Properties in Chicago. Chance’s mother also works in real estate: Lisa Thompson-Bennett is a real estate professional with Crown Heights Realty.

Even though the RE/MAX reference is the backdrop to Chance’s love story of falling for his wife, a marketing expert says just the brief mention is a golden opportunity for a brand. The lyric serves as “the best sort of endorsement because Chance apparently isn’t being paid for this—he’s talking about RE/MAX as part of his life, and as an important part of his life,” Tim Calkins, a clinical professor of marketing at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, told Crain’s Chicago Business. Young adults listening to the song and who may be on the cusp of buying a home might think to themselves, “Wow, RE/MAX. That’s a brand I should think about,” Calkins adds.

RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos told Crain’s that he certainly welcomed the callout. “Hearing the story of how Chance and [his wife Kirsten] met at a RE/MAX office party is a thrill for everyone associated with the brand,” Contos says. “The rapper’s mother-in-law is a treasured member of the RE/MAX family.”

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