Ways To Get Help With Real Estate Photography

When you’re trying to sell a home, the best way to get people interested in it is to have a real estate photography professional get great pictures of the inside and outside of the home. You may also be able to do this yourself with the right skills and equipment. It will help people to see if it’s likely to be where they wish to live.

How To Find A Good Real Estate Photographer?

Pricing is probably the most important part of finding a good person or company to help you with photography. You’re going to want to contact them and ask what they charge even if they have a price listed online. That is because, over time, people tend to change the amount of money they charge and may not update their website to reflect that price. By contacting them you can see what it really will cost, and can ask if they work with real estate photography.

Try to look for a photographer on social media because they generally will post there if they don’t have a good website up or one at all. You can easily go through their public profile to see whether or not they have anything related to real estate, and if so then you know that you have someone that can meet your needs. If you don’t see anything there with real estate involved, you can at least get a feel for the quality they provide so if you decide to ask if they can do it for you, you’ll know if they are capable of doing a good job.


Don’t try to go with the cheapest possible service and expect great results. A big problem a lot of people seem to have when they want a service like this is they want to pay as little as possible and expect the person doing the work to give them something awesome. Then there are those people that charge too much for bad work. Look for examples of a photographer, and then go from there.

You need to come up with a list of what kind of photographs you need, so that way you can work with the photographer to get a good amount of them for the price you’re paying. For instance, you should write down to take a picture of the outside from every side of the house, and then each floor and room from the various doors in the home. You can be there when they do the photos to direct them to where you want the pictures taken.

If you think you should just do photos yourself, you really need to do the math on what it would cost compared to hiring someone to help you with it. For instance, you have to buy a camera if you want a good picture, and you have to pay for a tripod. Then you have to deal with training with everything and have to learn about lighting, how to edit photos after they are taken, and need to practice for many years. It’s good to get into it as a hobby if you’re serious but if you just need one or two sessions done to help you sell a home it’s better to hire assistance.

Find out how you’re going to be able to get the photos through email or somewhere else. Make sure that if you want the photos to be private, that you ask them not to post some examples onto social media. Some people will give you the option to give them a USB drive that you can have them transfer the photos to, or they may want to share them with you through your email if you don’t like the USB drive option.

Sometimes you can save money when you follow people that have a photography business. It’s important that you check into this before you contact someone to come out to help you so you can let them know you have a coupon code or know about the deal. If you don’t let them know they may be expecting you to pay a certain price and then it may be too late. Either way, you can sometimes find great deals and sometimes you’ll find out that they are about to have a special so you can wait a few days to take advantage of it.

How To Take Your Own Real Estate Photographs On A Budget

If you’re short on funds and time, the only other option may be for you to try taking photos yourself. This is better than making a listing that has no pictures at all, but if they’re not done well it could end up making you turn people away that would have otherwise been interested. That’s why you need to figure out how to take decent enough photographs to make it clear what a home looks like, and since you can edit photos, you can sometimes get good results even with a bad camera.

interior-photography-by-yourselfYou’re going to need to make sure you know what kind of lighting you can use. If you’re taking pictures outside of your home, you’re going to want to make sure it’s during a time where there’s adequate sunlight. Inside your home, you can use the flash on your camera or the lights in your home. Try various lighting situations and choose from your results what looks best to share with others that may be interested in the home.

There are different ways to make a room look bigger, and you can also make the mistake of making a space look a lot smaller than it really is. You should go for an angle that helps you to see most of a room so that epople can feel that it’s a large space. Try to minimize the amount of furniture in a room before photographing it because when an area is cluttered it looks a lot less spacious than it is in reality.

Try to get some editing software for touching up the photos you get. You can use filters to make the overall quqality better and you can work on getting mistakes out of the photos you have. Before you use software on a picture you should back it up so if you make a mistake you don’t lose the original by saving over it. Learning how to use software can take some time and practice, and you can find many free tutorials online. Only work with tutorials that are for the current version of the software since the features may have changed.

Tips on Real Estate Photography

What makes the property special?

  • If you have a nice bathroom in the home, then get a photo of it after cleaning it and making sure everything is in place and looks nice.
  • If you’re offering a nice shed that you added onto the back yard, you can have a photo of it to share with people.
  • If you’re working with clients that have shown interest but want more information about the home, you can take more pictures of what they were curious about to show them what you’re talking about instead of just describing in words what you want to say.

When you work with a real estate photography expert, you can get profitable results. There are quite a few great photographers and services that offer assistance. Figure out who charges and does what to learn who you should hire. If all else fails, do the work yourself using the simple tips you got here.

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