Top Real Estate Companies: Why They Are at The Top?

What Top Companies Provide

When you are working with a real estate company for buying and selling real estate, you can tell if it is a top performer fairly rapidly. That is because the top performers all commit themselves to being as competitive as they do to being service-oriented.

Therefore, top companies focus on the customer and his individual real estate needs. While some customers are seeking commercial properties, other clients are home buyers or investors. As a result, a company has to adapt its services to meet these varying needs.

Some of the top companies have been in business for decades or longer and, in that time, have built an agent base and franchise-owned offices all over the world. The top performers are well-recognized names and therefore count millions of hits to their sites annually. Top performers snag top spots of recognition because, again, they concentrate on meeting the specific needs of their customers.


How Real Estate Companies Use their Brand to Sell Properties

Some of the real estate powerhouses or recognized brands that began operations in the United States can now be found in such places as Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia. In some cases, top producers have fortified their position by becoming experts in the field of e-marketing.

Real estate is a business where brand awareness is paramount to a company’s influence in the field. As a result, property brokers and firms have made full use of signage, open houses, social media and their individual platforms.


A Competitive Environment

In some cases, real estate leaders have even opened franchised offices in such places as Indonesia, South Africa, and Vietnam. Further expansion is also slated by some companies into Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Turkey. All of the top producers continue to compete with one another for both online and off-line recognition. Also, many companies in the industry are devoted to enhancing workforce learning development. Not only do they value their customers, they want to make sure their agents can best serve their client base.


Real Estate Leaders Often Serve as the “Parents” of Other Well-known Brands

Real estate companies in the U.S. are often inter-linked. For example, one well-known company is the parent company of several other real estate brands. Many of the companies, founded in the 70’s, were also instrumental in championing real estate services that increased their influence in the industry.

You can see that this concept worked as many real estate brands are household words. After all, it is easy to recognize some of the brand leaders, such as Coldwell Banker, ERA, Sotheby’s, Century 21, or Re/Max.

Today, real estate companies are also enhancing their social media functionality and real-time broadcasting of property listings. The real estate market, overall, makes it easier for you, as a consumer to navigate the Internet and buy and sell properties. No doubt about it – the incorporation of the Internet has made real estate a top investment product in the U.S. and the world.


International Reputations

Some of the real estate brands, with international reputations, are regarded, if not characterized, as prestigious, all which causes them to maintain a customer base of high net worth customers. Some of the more prestigious companies show sales in the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars.


An Exponential Impact

Indeed, franchising is instrumental to the growth of the real estate industry as well. Because of the growth of franchises globally, U.S.-based real estate markets have extended their reach to a variety of locations around the world. Not only do real estate companies have to concern themselves with pleasing the customer, they also must work at establishing themselves in the franchise marketplace. Real estate franchises, as a result, have had an exponential impact, just as sales, in this thriving if not volatile field.


A Dynamic Marketplace

Even if a company, for instance, only specializes in acquiring or disposing of apartment communities, they can still reap a big following in the business. For example, Camden Property Trust oversees apartment communities in this manner and is notably one of the biggest publicly traded companies in the U.S.


A Link You Don’t Want to Break

Some companies have heightened their reputation and brand by being associated with another medium or entity while other companies have evolved from an online association. Companies in the field provide services in brick-and-mortar locations as well as through online networks. Because of online growth, many companies offer potential prospects with the applications and tools needed to make sound and viable property decisions. Therefore, networking is a big part of real estate buying, selling and investing.

Whether you are online or offline, your link to a real estate company is a link you don’t want to break.