Storage Solutions for Post-Holiday Organization

It’s not uncommon to feel the blues after the holidays—friends and family have left, decorations begin to come down, gifts have been given and unwrapped, and everyone goes back to the weekly grind. One way to get out of the post-holiday slump is to get your home organized for the coming year. After all, those new gifts will need somewhere to go. To assist in your organizing venture, the National Association of REALTORS®’ consumer website HouseLogic has you covered. HouseLogic examines some organizing tips from New Yorkers, who know how to make due in tight spaces. Some of those expert tips include utilizing space vertically, giving your doors a second purpose by using them to hold items, blending your belongings into the actual design of the home and avoiding utilizing closets to force yourself to pare down on what you actually need.

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Read HouseLogic’s tips for a more organized home through the new year. Talk to a REALTOR® to get other tips on how to organize an abode and get the most out of the space you have. Speak with homeowners in your community to hear about their own home organizing solutions.

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