Spotlight on Male Agents’ Safety in 2017

REALTOR® Safety is an important concept for all real estate professionals to understand, but staying safe in the field is often framed as a particular concern for female agents. Such a mind frame can leave men more vulnerable to attack when they think they have less to worry about. This year, we addressed safety specifically for male agents in an article that drew a heated debate among commenters and easily skyrocketed to our top safety story of 2017. Here are our five most popular well-being articles of the year, covering not just safety but also health and work-life balance.

4 Ways Male Agents Put Themselves in Danger
David Abbasi. Sidney Cranston Jr. Ryan Vega. Beverly Carter. You probably recognize only Carter’s name—the one woman in the group. The other three are male agents who were also victims of recent crimes. Men are taught to be fearless, and that attitude can make them a target.

Life Since My Mother’s Murder
In a revealing column for this year’s REALTOR® Safety Month in September, Carl Carter Jr., the son of slain Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter, opens up about his mother’s death and how it awakened his drive to ensure every practitioner comes home safe.

Which Self-Defense Tool Should You Choose?
Many agents choose a self-defense tool based on recommendations from loved ones or online research. This might sound logical, but it fails to address the most important aspect of the decision-making process: emotion. Do you have the stomach to use your chosen weapon?

What Are You Worth Per Hour?
You know the old saying: “Time is money.” That’s especially true when it comes to determining how to value your time as a real estate professional on a per-hour basis. Though you’re paid on commission, it is possible to determine your hourly rate. Here’s how.

7 Dangerous Practices You Think Are Safe
Although there are many common and obvious dangers in real estate, there are also scenarios you may not consider risky that are in reality. These seemingly innocent ways of operating can actually make you more vulnerable to thieves and other criminals who look at you as a target.

—REALTOR® Magazine

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