Shrine to Female Agents Alarms Local Pros

Real estate professionals in Abilene, Texas, are on edge after a shed on private property was found to contain a collage of more than two dozen head shots of women, mostly local agents, tacked on the outer walls and a nearby property fence. Agent Tommy Simons discovered the collage when he was visiting his listing next door.

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“I’ve known all those ladies a long time,” Simons told the Houston Chronicle. “That’s kind of weird and kind of creepy. According to the police department, [the collage] does not break any laws. I don’t like it, but what can I do?”  

The man responsible for the display told KTAB that he does realize why some people would be alarmed by the display. He did not reveal what motivated him to create it, but he did say he planned to remove it. 

No citation has been filed against the man. Abilene police chief Stan Stanridge released a statement, saying: “APD and ACU PD are aware of this issue [and] we readily concede that the issue is very concerning, but we do not believe it is criminal.”

Source: “Creepy Texas Shed Features Photos of Female Real Estate Agents,” The Houston Chronicle (July 20, 2017) and “‘Creepy’ Shed Making Abilene REALTORS(R) Uncomfortable,” KTAB/KRBC (July 19, 2017)

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