Making the Most of a Small Home’s Storage

Story Idea – Making the Most of a Small Home’s Storage

When it comes to small houses, every square inch of space is valuable and there are plenty of underused nooks and crannies that, with a little creativity, can be transformed into useful storage spaces. For example, installing pullout drawers under stairs can add about two square feet of storage per drawer and is the perfect way to store towels, linens and seasonal items. Utilizing ceiling space in closets can also add up to 12 square feet of extra storage: suspend two pieces of wire across a closet ceiling and use it to cradle wrapping paper, which will be out of sight but easy to reach.

Story Springboard:

Check out HouseLogic’s ‘ Fixes & Tips for Those Awkward Home Spaces ’ spotlight for more information. Speak with a professional organizer about the easiest way to add storage in a small space. Ask a REALTOR® about how he or she points out possible storage solutions when showing homes to potential buyers.

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