How to Make Others Trust You More

Trustworthiness is one of the top traits consumers say they look for in a real estate professional. Home buying or selling is typically one of the biggest transactions of a person’s life and clients need to be able to trust you to guide them through it.

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But with online marketing, trust can particularly be difficult to convey. A recent column at highlights how you can show you’re more trustworthy to prospects online:

Testimonials: Ask past customers to share their stories and experiences working with you to include at your site. The best testimonials tell a story, the article notes.

Online reviews: Offer customer reviews and ratings on your site and have profiles on other review sites for clients to leave feedback about you. These may also help to boost your organic search rankings in search engines. Read more: Secrets to Rocking Online Reviews

Trust badges: These are small icons that you can include on your site to show that you’ve met some type of trust for an organization. For example, you might include icons of the real estate designations or certifications you’ve earned that are specific to your industry or more generic ones, like from the Better Business Bureau.

Social media integration: Integrate one or more of your social media feeds into your website (such as with tools like Insightly) to include a “best of” reel or just feature your most recent posts, the article suggests. You’ll be showing off that you’re active on social media and that you’re responsive to followers.

Source: “5 Forms of Social Proof That Can Instantly Improve Consumer Trust,” (Oct. 31, 2016)

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