Going DIY? Make Sure to "DIR": Do it Right

These days, it seems like everyone is looking for ways to save a few dollars while also making those much-needed home improvements. Thanks to YouTube instructional videos and HGTV’s ideas and inspiration, homeowners can now tackle a lot of home improvement projects themselves. And while those DIY projects are fantastic (not to mention impressive!), it’s important for homeowners to know their limits. A new piece by the National Association of REALTORS®’ consumer website, HouseLogic, gives DIY-ers some solid advice for tackling those bigger projects, including the importance of thinking 10 steps ahead, steering clear from automatically choosing the cheapest options, and going DIY only when emergency help is available (NOT on holidays, when plumbers and electricians are often unreachable).

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Look over HouseLogic’s tips for making sure a DIY project is done right. Talk to a REALTOR® in your community who can offer some of their own DIY advice. Speak with self-proclaimed DIY masters to see if they have run into any issues and what tips they might offer homeowners tackling their own projects.

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