Can You Do it Yourself?

Being a homeowner means that your home is yours – even the things that need fixing. Is a faucet leaking? Are floor boards squeaky? Is a light-switch not working? Those issues are all yours to tackle. But what projects can you do yourself and what ones require the help of a trained professional? Taking on projects yourself can save you time and money. But taking on the wrong projects can lead to unending amounts of stress or end up costing you more money than if you had hired someone in the first place. NAR’s consumer website, HouseLogic, lets you know which projects need a seasoned hand and a beginner can undertake.  

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Check out HouseLogic’s list of do-it-yourself home improvement projects that can be tackled with little-to-no DIY experience. Speak with a REALTOR® in your area about projects homeowners often tackle. Find a DIY expert in your community for recommendations on projects that novices can take on.

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