4 Questions You’ll Get at Open Houses

Besides discussing the home’s layout and physical characteristics, come to your open house prepared to respond to these other common questions. Coldwell Banker recently featured some of the most common questions potential buyers may ask a real estate professional at an open house. Here’s what you need to be ready to answer:

1. How many bids have you received on the home?

Buyers may want to gauge the true price of the home and see how much competition they might face for it.

2. Why is the seller moving?

A real estate professional isn’t required to share this information, but it can be another hint to a buyer how motivated a seller is. Based on the reason given, buyers may be able to know how quickly the seller will be looking to sell if they have a job relocation, for example.

3. Are there additional homeownership costs?

Be ready to talk about any additional costs with the home, such as the property being located in a planned community and the homeowner association fees. List out the amount buyers will need to pay for association dues, additional taxes, and any other fees.

4. Are there any special regulations with the home?

Be able to talk about any regulations that the homeowner association may have that affect living in the property, such as pets, parking, or any remodeling limits for owners on the property.

Source: “Questions a Buyer May Ask at an Open House,” Coldwell Banker Blue Matter blog (July 13, 2017)

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