3 Tips for Selling Land Online

In some ways, selling a parcel of land and selling a house are two different animals. Vacant land involves marketing its potential to an audience of developers and investors, and the main selling points lie in the location, size, and price, says Desare Kohn-Laski, broker-owner of Skye Louis Realty in Coconut Creek, Fla. “The principles might be similar in some ways, but there are still notable differences that make the endeavor challenging,” she says.

But just like selling a home, real estate practitioners should be strategic in marketing land for sale online. Here are three tips from Kohn-Laski on attracting buyers online to your land listing.

  1. Targeted Facebook ads: Some might not think land listings lend themselves to engaging social media posts or ads. But with targeted advertising, you’re sure to generate sales through your social media accounts just as you would selling a home. “You may have seen how the so-called ‘sociopreneurs’ are generating sales through their social media accounts,” Kohn-Laski says. “Why not follow their footprints and sell your land online, too?”
  2. Online groups: There are niche real estate websites and social media groups dedicated to land sales. Typically, you have to request to be a member before posting. Be aware of the rules and regulations governing such sites. Typically, there are sticky posts that remind user-members of the dos and don’ts to observe within the groups. These groups are followed by investors and developers looking to buy. You can also attract buyers who are looking for an ideal location where they can build their dream home, Kohn-Laski says. Many of these groups are local to your region, state, or metro area. A Google or Facebook search will help you find them. Don’t see one for your area? Start one.
  3. Be mobile-friendly: If you’re driving your online marketing back to a landing page on your website, make sure it’s mobile-friendly. A slow site that’s hard to navigate from a smartphone is sure to lose potential buyers and sellers. Kohn-Laski also prefers realtor.com® and Florida Land for Sale for land listings due to their robust mobile apps.

Source: Skye Louis Realty

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